Zoo rating on my site is subjective and is solely based on animal collection. It does not consider the zoo aesthetics, animal husbandry standards, exhibit design, etc. The rating is cumulative based on all my visits at a given zoo and is only based on the species which were photographed by me during those visits.

Description: Every species is assigned a score from 1 to 10, and the overall zoo rating is the grand total of the scores of all photographed species.

The score is assigned based on:
  • frequency of the species occurrence in the visited zoos (the species present in a only a few zoos gets higher score than the species present in many zoos)
  • number of countries where I saw the species (the species seen in one country or a few countries will get higher score than the species seen in many countries)
  • whether the species was only seen in the range countries or outside the range
  • relative attractiveness or unique features of the species (based on my subjective opinion)
  • IUCN status (more endangered species will get higher scores)
  • subjective opinion of some other site users